ICFO is proactive in translating newly generated knowledge into products and technologies made@ICFO in collaboration with our industrial allies or through the creation of spin offs. The mission of the KTT Team is to provide social and economic benefits by translating ICFO research into public use via technology licensing, through a process which benefits ICFO, Industry and the society.

To date ICFO has filed and licensed a significant number of patents, and has a particularly strong IP portfolio in the technology sectors covered by ICFO Focus Programs: Light for Health, Light for Energy and Light for Information.

ICFO’s patent portfolio includes innovations in microscopy and optical manipulation, plasmonics devices, solar cells, ultrathin film technology, graphene photonics, advanced laser systems, advanced displays, 3D printing, wearables, quantum technologies and compact sensors for use in hostile environments. The KTT Team advises ICFO researchers in IP related matters, manages the patent application and granting processes, and explores product and market opportunities to extract the maximum value from ICFO’s IP portfolio.