Transmission electron microscopy image of a silver/germanium metamaterial heterostructure characterized with spectroscopic ellipsometry (see [2])

Spectroscopy of infrared materials and nanostructures

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We are interested in experimentally determining the infrared properties of emerging materials as well as using nanophotonic and metamaterials principles to design and characterize nanostructures with unique infrared response.

Our group aims to establish Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy measurements that, combined with infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry and imaging techniques (TEM, SEM), can provide a complete experimental characterization scheme of the infrared response of emerging materials, nanocomposites, heterostructures and heterointerfaces. With appropriate photonic design, such modules, fabricated and synthesized within the NanoFabrication Lab at ICFO, can exhibit extreme response to infrared radiation and unique and tailorable thermal emission characteristics. Although Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy measurements are straightforward for samples near-room temperatures in the far-field, innovative approaches are needed for accurate measurements of thermal emission in the near-field regime, and at more extreme temperature ranges.

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[2] G. T. Papadakis, D. Fleischman, A. Davoyan, P. Yeh, & H. A. Atwater, “Optical Magnetism in Planar Metamaterial Heterostructures” Nature Communications 9, 296 (2018)