24 July 2020 Spanish delegation prepares to attend the QFA 2020

Quantum Future Academy Workshop selects finalists to participate in annual event taking place in Berlin November 2020 The Quantum Future Academy is a European-wide, one-week school on quantum technologies offering training and networking activities. In November of this year, the 2020 event will take place in Berlin, welcoming delegates from all over Europe. Participants are selected through Quantum Future Academy Workshops in each European country where 2-3 talented students who are motivated to study quantum technologies are selected to represent their countries.

  • * Promote young European talents in quantum technologies (QT)
  • * Establish a strong Quantum Community in Europe
  • * Bring together students from natural sciences and engineering
  • * Training and insights in quantum technology, theory and practice!
  • * Strengthening networks of students, science, industry and start-ups
  • * Provide students with QT-related career perspectives and options
  • * Have fun together!
On Friday, 24 July, the Quantum Future Academy Workshop for Spain, organized by ICFO, CSIC and the Universidad de Zaragoza, all members of the Spanish Network on Quantum Information and Technologies, took place. In what was to be an online meeting due to social distancing to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, short-listed candidates presented their candidatures and motivations for attending the QFA in Berlin in front of a panel of experts.

Congratulations to the two members of the Spanish delegation to be elected to participate in the the QFA 2020:

*Alexandra Mestre Tora.
*Rubén Ibarrondo López.

Three reserve candidates, who will be upgraded in case one of the delegates cannot attend, have also been selected: (listed in order):

*Raquel García Bellés
*Adam Teixidó Bonfill
*Alonso Hernández Antón

We wish all of these students, as well as all who participated in this process, a successful career in the field of quantum technologies...or wherever their curiosity and talent takes them.