02 December 2010 ICFO in “Optics in 2010”

Quasi-nondiffracting beams constructed via optical engineering.

Research on non-diffracting light by the group led by Prof. Torner in Optics in the Year OPN selection. Optics in 2010 highlights the seminal work on non-diffracting light carried out at ICFO by Dr. Servando López-Aguayo (Tecnólogico de Monterrey, México) Prof. Victor Vysloukh (Universidad de las Amércias at Puebla, México), Dr. Yaroslav Kartashov and Prof. Lluis Torner. The research was partially sponsored by Fundació Cellex Barcelona.

The authors present a new strategy for the generation of almost non-diffracting light patterns with arbitrarily complex shapes. These patterns are especially useful in trapping of micro-objects, optical tweezers, and in general applications where invariance of the beam is desired.

Optics in the year is the December special issue of Optics and Photonics News. It approaches the readers to top issues in optics frontline research along the past year.