01 March 2005 \'Digital Spiral Imaging\': a new concept in imaging and probing with light

The spiral wavefront of an optical vortex, the key tool for DSI

A new optical technique put forward by ICFO researchers published in Optics Express and highlighted by Physics News Update A radically new concept in optical imaging and probing of matter has been put forward by ICFO researchers Prof. Lluis Torner and Prof. Juan P. Torres in collaboration with Dr Silvia Carrasco, now at Boston University. The paper is featured by Physics News Update this week.

The paper was published this February in Optics Express. The concept put forward by the researchers relies on the unique properties of a property of light named orbital angular momentum (OAM). The technique might extract abundant information form matter providing a new and potentially wide-ranging optical tool. The concept might be useful for detecting biological and chemical agents, for probing biological specimens sensitive to OAM light, and might even aide recent proposals to increase the amount of data that can be imprinted on a compact disk using OAM.

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