17 July 2014 Electromagnetics’ most cited articles

Generation of Dyakonov waves

“Dyakonov Surface Waves: A Review” selected as one of the most viewed and cited papers of the journal The review paper “Dyakonov Surface Waves, co-authored by researchers at ICFO Osamu Takayama, Prof. David Artigas and Prof. Lluís Torner has been selected by Electromagnetics as one of the most viewed and cited papers of the journal. The selection was based on rankings from Web of Science, Cross Ref and Scopus.

Published in 2008, the study is a review on the advancement of the properties and existence of Dyakonov waves in transparent media only under very special conditions. The review summarizes the most important advances in this topic, pointing out aspects that have not been clearly covered by the literature so far, as well as analyzing the properties of specific materials that could bare the existence of Dyakonov waves and posing challenges to their experimental observation.

The 2008 paper has recently been seconded by a new study published by the same research group at ICFO in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, in which the team showed important applications of such waves, and exposed a way to guide and control them. In this recent work, the team showed that 10 nm and 20 nm dielectric nanosheets of aluminium oxide clad between an anisotropic crystal and different liquids are capable of supporting Dyakonov-like modes, highlighting the possibility of using these surface waves as a new platform for photonic devices based on guided surface waves, such as those used for sensing and routing applications.