30 August 2021 Laserlab-Europe Position Paper

New position paper details Laserlab’s missions as they align with Horizon Europe to solve important societal challenges Laserlab-Europe, a consortium of leading national laser research infrastructures, provides a unique integrated, cross-domain and multi-faceted approach to the complex scientific and technological questions inherent in today’s global societal challenges. With its extensive set of advanced laser research infrastructures, scientific expertise, innovative research and services, Laserlab-Europe addresses the scientific issues in all three Pillars of Horizon Europe. It promotes new horizons for the European Green Deal, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and, in particular, the Horizon Europe Missions.

Together with associate partners, Laserlab-Europe covers the majority of European member states. Select European laboratories, including ICFO’s Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics (ICFO-Atto) facility and the Super-resolution Light Nanoscopy & Microscopy (SLN) facility, receive EC funding support in order to offer access to their facilities for research teams from Europe and beyond.

In a joint position paper, Laserlab-Europe highlights its integrated, cross-domain and multi-faceted approach to address the societal challenges of the Horizon Europe Missions.