30 November 2007 ICFO congratulates a new PhD graduate

Dr. Xu during his thesis dissertation

Thesis Committee

Dr. Zhiyong Xu obtained his Doctoral Degree with a project on all-optical soliton control in photonic lattices supervised by Prof. Lluis Torner. Dr. Zhiyong Xu got an Electronic and Information Technology degree and a MSc in Optical Engineering from the Shanxi University (China) in 2003, and since then he has been working in his PhD thesis in the field of Optical Solitons in Prof. Torner\'s group at ICFO. Xu has also received the prestigious Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students working abroad in 2006.

Zhiyong Xu research project addresses new strategies for soliton control, specially the new features exhibited by solitons propagating in optical lattices, which have potential application for all-optical data processing, and all-optical switching devices.

Optical solitons are light packets (beams and/or pulses) that do not broaden because of the proper balance between diffraction/dispersion and nonlinearity. They propagate and interact with one another while displaying properties that are normally associated with real particles. The properties of optical solitons in optical fibers and crystals have been investigated comprehensively during the last few years. However solitons in optical lattices, which might be used for all-optical signal processing and routing, have recently emerged a new area of research. The main objective of Xu’s dissertation has been the investigation of new techniques for soliton control in nonlinear media with/without an imprinted optical lattice.