Offering opportunities for personal and professional growth to exceptional students, scientists, technicians and future stake holders in the academic and industrial worlds is central to ICFO's mission.

With this in mind, a broad range of tailor-made career development programs have been created to meet the needs of specific target audiences starting with pre-university students, offering them an entry level perspective to the world of Optics and Photonics and opportunities to be involved in research life and have their first experience in a research project.

At the University level, ICFO offers focused PhD Programs and various dedicated Master Studies. These programs target the most advanced topics in optical sciences and technologies, provide access to cutting-edge experimental infrastructures and include tailor-made training programs in the areas of entrepreneurship, commercialization techniques and personal development.

ICFOnians have access to opportunities throughout the year for enhancing existing skills and competencies, including scientific lectures, specialized seminars and programs, technical workshops, specific courses and other networking opportunities and dedicated events.

An ambiance that encourages original questions, exploration and new knowledge generation permeates the institute at all levels and through all programs.